PERUVIAN CUISINE Authentic Peruvian

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4,5 sterren uit 139 beoordelingen
19 feb 2020 om 18:49 Helemaal goed
14 feb 2020 om 22:46 Heerlijk eten !!
8 feb 2020 om 20:51 Eten was super goed maar de bezorgtijd was niet goed. Deze was mijn eerste en laatste keer.
19 jan 2020 om 20:34 Helemaal goed.
11 jan 2020 om 0:12 Pretty expensive for the food you get, but tasty.
9 jan 2020 om 21:25 Very very expensive!!! The ceviche had almost no cilantro, the salad was only red onion with one piece of tomato! The empanada was small and dried out. The desert was OK but very little and the potatoes, mayonnaise dish was tasteless. I know Peruvian foo
3 jan 2020 om 18:53 Delicioso
22 dec 2019 om 21:27 Heerlijk Eten !!
16 dec 2019 om 8:00 Delicious authentic Peruvian food.
15 dec 2019 om 16:12 If you are a dwarf you will have a large and copious meal. If you are not a dwarf, the portion will be so tiny you’ll wish you where a dwarf.I called the restaurant because I found it not acceptable, but they said they never had any complaints.Now they do
5 dec 2019 om 13:22 The portion size was a bit smaller than expected given the price, especially being Peruvian myself. The food was ok but could have used a bit more seasoning and spice.
26 okt 2019 om 21:04 Gracias! Ricisimo!